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Douglas-Fir - A Nomenclatural Morass

Link to Menzies, Lambert, etc. Link to Lewis, Clark and Pursh Link to Rafinesque and Douglas Link to Don,  Sabine, and others Link to Sprague, Green, and others Link to Mirbel and Desfontaines Link to Summary and References Link to Douglas bio Link to Nuttall bio Link to Pursh bio Link to Rafinesque bio label 1

Menzies, Lambert and Poiret
Lewis, Clark and Pursh
Rafinesque and Douglas
Don, Sabine and Others
Sprague, Green, Little and Franco
Mirbel and Desfontaines
Summary of the Nomenclature
David Douglas (1799-1834)
Douglas of the Fir
Douglas in California
Thomas Nuttall (1786-1859)
Along the Missouri
Suspicions About Pursh
Along the Oregon Trail
Life at the Academy
Frederick Traugott Pursh (1774-1820)
Slaving in the Garden
The Specimens Arrive
Drawings and Descriptions
Period of Good Fortune
The Flora
Drunk and Destitute
Rafinesque in New York
Rafinesque at Transylvania
Rafinesque in Philadelphia
Rafinesque at Transylvania Again

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