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The ExpeditionBitterroot Barrier: K'useyneiskit
Camassia quamash

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Camassia quamash
Rendering by Bob Gilman

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Federal regulations (36CFR 261.9(a)) prohibit "destroying or damaging any natural feature or property of the United States." That includes camas plants and meadows located on National Forest land, such as the one shown here.

Only members of Indian tribes are authorized to make use of these and other natural resources according to tribal traditions and sacred rites.

Funded in part by a grant from the Idaho Governor's Lewis and Clark Trail Committee.

1. Over Lewis's Shoulder
2. Radix with Radicles
3. Foliage
4. Peduncle and Pedicel
5. Calyx
6. Corolla
7. Stamens, Filaments and Anthers
8. Pistil, Stigma, Style, Pericarp
9. Baking Camas

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