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7. Camp Chopunnish to Salmon R
Deer Creek, May 28, 1806

Ordway's Camp, May 27, 1806

View Southwest

Nez Perce Prairie

ohe settlement in the foreground, called Nez Perce, is a farmer's market on the high Nez Perce Prairie. The prominent point on the southwest horizon is Cottonwood Butte. On May 27, 1806, Ordway, Frazer, and Weiser rode through this area toward the upper left of the photo and spent the night at an Indian village. When a thunderstorm struck, the Nez Perce evidently offered them shelter in their lodges. Ordway complained, "the Indians grass houses leak."

Aerial photographs by Jim Wark, using waypoints suggested by Steve L. Russell.
Funded in part by a grant from the Idaho Governor's Lewis and Clark Trail Committee.

7. Camp Chopunnish to Salmon R
Deer Creek, May 28, 1806

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