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Still More Drumming

Drum Signals

In a Frontier Garrison

ow is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.

If they don't, to hell with them.1

Do it again. Drum Signals

"On 30 July 1803, this is a quote from the journals"

And again.

And again.
This is a sidebar in the Drumming page, which will talk about the fact that a fife was usually employed to play a melody.

However, a drum alone could be used, the the signal would be recognizable to the troops.

Then quit.2

"this is a quote from the journals"

"this is a quote from the journals"

"this is a quote from the journals"

And that's the truth, the whole (Violins) truth,

…and nothing but the truth.

Joe Mussuman

1. Dammit.

2. Or, begin again.
Still More Drumming

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