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Cruzatte's Fiddlin'
That Tambereen

Cruzatte Plays

"Cruzatte’s Fiddle" "Fisher’s Hornpipe"

To hear Daniel Slosberg — a.k.a Pierre Cruzatte — describe the instrument he plays, select one of the versions of "Cruzatte's Fiddle," above. To hear one of the most popular tunes of the days of Lewis and Clark, select the "Higher Quality" version of "Fisher's Hornpipe," above. For two more tunes that Cruzatte might have played on the expedition, click this link.

To hear Cruzatte sing a French voyageur's song, try this link.

Daniel Slosberg represents Pierre Cruzatte in his own widely acclaimed production for schools and other venues, A Musical Journey on the Lewis & Clark Trail. For more information, visit Dan's Web site.

—Joseph Mussulman, 2002; rev. 10/14

Cruzatte's Fiddlin'
That Tambereen

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